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2016 BMW X3 Released, Colors

2016 BMW X3 front

The 2016 BMW X3 is a compact, luxury, crossover, SUV that is presently being manufactured by the German automobile manufacturer, BMW Motors Corporation. It is to be availed in four different configurations namely: sDrive28i, xDrive28i, xDrive38d, and xDrive35i respectively. It forms the basis of the proceeding review:

2016 BMW X6 MPG

2016 BMW X6 front

The upcoming automobile, the 2016 BMW X6, is anticipated to be classy, sophisticated and luxury SUV. It is an incredible new arrival from its manufacturer, and the SUV will soon spring into a full swing. The manufacturer, according to the information we have with us, has made some trivial adjustments from the 2015 prototype. Fans from across the globe should expect the upcoming model to present an optimum performance to suit its current generational needs and prerequisites.

2016 BMW Z4 Hybrid

2016 BMW Z4 front

BMW are looking to spice up their sports cars line and what better way to do it than with new 2016 BMW Z4. Being the successor of the original BMW Z3, this two-seat vehicle dazzles the eye with a head-turning look and design. But what does the 2016 model have over previous ones and how did the series evolve through time?

2016 BMW M8 Redesign

2016 BMW M8 front

BMW’s German rival companies such as Mercedes and Audi are currently dominating the car market with their models, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and the Audi R8. BMW’s 100th year in business is expected to bring a new and unique supercar with astonishing performance, the 2016 BMW M8.

2016 BMW 7-Series Changes

2016 BMW 7-Series front

Even though we expected some major redesign from the upcoming 2016 BMW 7-Series, it will be rather major upgrade than redesign. Flagship sedan will be refreshed both outside and inside, while the performance specs are not known yet precisely. However the design of the upcoming, new generation 7-Series is influenced by two things: the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept which BMW presented at 2014 Beijing Auto Show and new 6-Series models. Just recently online media was floated with 2016 BMW 7-Series undisguised pictures, which showed what are the changes we can see on the upcoming model.

2016 BMW 5-Series Engine

2016 BMW 5-Series front

Although it is still unclear whether new mid-size series will be launched as 2017 or 2016 BMW 5-Series, the major change is completely clear. The model was spotted on streets during testing and as visible from the pics, German giant didn’t make any revolutionary change on the design. BMW stays true to its design direction, and low level of changes in that area, although this time it went a step further even in that section. Pretty large number of information is discussed, and known about the 5-Series redesign, and here are the latest known specs:

2016 BMW X5 Price

2016 BMW X5 front

One of the world’s leading automotive companies, which originates from Germany is preparing to us is treated the new generation of its excellent SUV. The company I’m talking about a BMW, a model SUV is of course good old and BMW X5, which falls into the category of medium-sized SUV. This article will deal with the new generation that bears the name of the 2016 BMW X5. He would like to now be very luxurious, which he is, in principle, task and purpose. Its popularity in the traditional existence is the highest point reached in the US and Europe. For those who do not know X5 has existed for 15 years, and the current model represents the third generation.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date

2016 BMW X1 front

BMW has started in the final testing next-generation compact crossover 2016 BMW X1 at the Nurburgring. His presentation is expected later this year. 2016 BMW X1 will look like something new customers in the United States. His predecessors were on sale in other world markets. This new crossover will go on the back to the front hitch thanks to the adoption of a common platform for UKL 2-Series Active Tourer. UKL comes with front-wheel drive in its most basic form, but has the option of all-wheel drive thanks Haldek-style multi-plate clutch setup. This second option will mainly characterized by new X1, but the front-wheel drive will come as standard. The new 2016 BMW X1 will be BMW’s first vehicle in front wheel drive which is offered in the United States.

2016 BMW M2 Review, Price

2016 BMW M2 front

The 2016 BMW M2 will continue with the philosophy used in the manufacturing of its predecessors. The 2016 M2 is taunted to be the long awaited replacement to the BMW 1 series. It is going to come with an aerodynamically designed body, that will incorporate all the latest developments in fluid dynamics. The general consensus is that the M2, is going to be fitted with the latest carbon fiber technology, that will reduce its body weight as well as increase its fuel efficiency.

2016 BMW M5 Redesigned, Price

2016 BMW M5 front

The redesigned 2016 BMW M5 will ride on the recently developed 35up platform of BMW. The new model sedan will come with a considerable weight loss when compared to its predecessor, owing to the exploit of aluminum, high-power steel and carbon fiber that will lower the weight of this medium size sedan by roughly 80 kg across the range. Currently, the manufacturer is putting some finishing touches on their new BMW M5 flagship model set to launch during the following months.