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2016 Honda HR-V Release Date

2016 Honda HR-V front

Next article is dedicated to a vehicle that has an interesting history. In fact, what makes it interesting is the fact that is not produced continuously, but its existence is interrupted. Otherwise, it is a vehicle 2016 Honda HR-V, which belongs to the class subcompact crossover SUV or mini. Regardless of all this is the perfect family vehicle. The current generation of this excellent vehicle is the second, and that is the model of the 2014 model year. When we talked about the interruption of production, it is because the first generation was produced from 1999 to 2006, and was followed by a break of eight years. Now this vehicle back stronger than ever. It is already confirmed that it is very popular in the territory of North America and Asia, but according to recent reports even Europe is not indifferent to what will be on offer. Otherwise, it is an economic class of vehicles is very high quality with very high performance with all this. All in all, this will be the vehicle of unique interior and exterior design, high-performance, new propulsion motors and so on.

2016 Honda Civic Changes

2016 Honda Civic front

The next generation 2016 Honda Civic has an all new fastback design that gives it a youthful and more modern look. It boasts of a steeply raked back which tappers off into a bold spoiler. The Honda Civic appears to have cutlines in its design for a proper trunk to retain its classification as a sedan. The body has a sporty design at the back end. The Civic has angular headlights and the body has tasteful lines running through the entire body of the car.

2016 Honda Pilot Redesign, Release date

2016 Honda Pilot front

The 2016 Honda Pilot model is expected to come with some key changes in Its redesign to make it much better than its previous model. The vehicle is not yet out but the spy shots have revealed some important features to be expected from this SUV. The Pilot is seen to have borrowed many features both in its design and specifications from the Acura MDX.

2016 Honda FCX Clarity Changes, Performance

2016 Honda FCX Clarity front

One of the prestigious projects of Honda, in the car segment is, The 2016 Honda FCX Clarity that is equipped with Hydrogen fuel. This car exhibits all the qualities that are related to The Electric Car Component. These qualities can be short-listed as zero smoke exhaust and five minute time to refuel.

2016 Honda CRV Price, Release date

2016 Honda CRV front

Honda has once again raised the bar for other crossovers with its newest 2016 Honda CRV. Its incredible interior and exterior that includes a well modified engine package, will make it the number one choice in dealerships across the world. Here is more of what this latest 2016 CRV will offer to you.

2016 Honda S2000 Performance, changes

2016 Honda S 2000 front

The 2016 Honda S2000 is a 2 seat, rear wheel drive roadster which features a high performance, high winding inline 4 – cylinder engine along with a beautifully balanced chassis. The S200 was first sports car that was rolled out by Honda since the mini roadsters of the 1960s. The 2016 Honda S2000 enjoyed one of the longest production runs for any modern car.