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2017 Honda Odyssey Price, Engine

2017 Honda Odyssey front

History of Honda Odyssey starts in 1994. This compact and economical minivan has found a lot of fans, those people who have family, those who hate travelling alone or those who just need practical and economical car. Many years has passed, and now Honda introducing us a new 2017 Honda Odyssey, let’s have a look what did they present.

2017 Honda HRV Released, Engine

2017 Honda HRV front

The HR-V crossover is among the shining stars of the Honda lineup. The crossover SUV shares the same platform with third generation models of Honda Fit. This vehicle has a very excellent design and also uses the latest technological features and all features which improve the comfort of all users. The 2017 Honda HRV comes in 3 trim levels; the EX, LX and the EX-L.

2017 Honda Civic News, Changes

2017 Honda Civic front

Honda civic has been around since 1972, and is one of Honda’s oldest models. It was a subcompact car until 2001, when it was launched as a compact car. Honda is now planning to release the 10th generation of the car. The 2017 Honda Civic will have a lot of changes including upgraded and new additional features.

2016 Honda Pioneer Release Date

2016 Honda Pioneer front

Two new models have been added to the 2016 Honda Pioneer lineup; 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 1000-5. Immediately assuming its position as the leader of the full-size multipurpose SxS category, the 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000, promises to raise the standards in terms of performance, capacity, and power in both work and recreational applications. One can choose one of the 6 custom 2016 Pioneer 1000 and 1000-5 accessory packages referred t o as Hunting Package, Protection Package, Work Package, Trail Package, Custom Package and All weather Package. The Pioneer 1000 has a one-year warranty.

2016 Honda HR-V Release Date

2016 Honda HR-V front

Next article is dedicated to a vehicle that has an interesting history. In fact, what makes it interesting is the fact that is not produced continuously, but its existence is interrupted. Otherwise, it is a vehicle 2016 Honda HR-V, which belongs to the class subcompact crossover SUV or mini. Regardless of all this is the perfect family vehicle. The current generation of this excellent vehicle is the second, and that is the model of the 2014 model year. When we talked about the interruption of production, it is because the first generation was produced from 1999 to 2006, and was followed by a break of eight years. Now this vehicle back stronger than ever. It is already confirmed that it is very popular in the territory of North America and Asia, but according to recent reports even Europe is not indifferent to what will be on offer. Otherwise, it is an economic class of vehicles is very high quality with very high performance with all this. All in all, this will be the vehicle of unique interior and exterior design, high-performance, new propulsion motors and so on.